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Contact us to set up a complimentary personal consultation through our website or via email at, or call us at 682-503-9415.  We will find a way to schedule your consultation conveniently and quickly. 


We don't have a storefront which keeps our costs competitive and saves YOU money.  We can always do a consultation over the phone with the assistance of emails for pictures/images.  We do not require our clients to meet any minimums.  We are happy to work with any budget and we can suggest ways to achieve your dream wedding!  Ask about our Law Enforcement discounts!


We are often asked how much wedding/event flowers costs.  Here are a few factors that will affect your budget:


  • Size of Venue and Wedding Party – The size of the venue and party can affect the cost due to the amount of arrangements you will need

  • Season – If your desired flowers are not seasonally available at the date of your wedding/event, they will cost more to be shipped in from other locations

  • Flower Color - More exotic shades of certain types of flowers come at a more premium price

  • Arrangement detail/size - A simple, hand-tied bouquet is less expensive than a more elaborate, multi-layered cascade.  This applies to the size of the arrangement as well. 

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